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— Bistro Planet

We recently partnered with Bistro Planet the tech company, to provide you with 24/7 convenient ordering. Bistro Planet allows you to order from any location - say you only have a thirty minute lunch break and you don't want to spend twenty of those minutes waiting for your food. Now you can order before your lunch break and pick it up hot and ready with twenty-five minutes left to spare. 


  • Using the Bistro Planet App, foodies and hungry people alike can locate nearby food trucks, expand their culinary experiences, and satisfy their hunger.
  • Explore each truck’s menu, choose what you crave, and easily submit your order. Don’t worry about carrying cash or card; simply & securely pay thru our app.
  • No more waiting in long lines. We’ll notify you when your food is ready. Go to the food truck’s window, pick-up your food, and dig in.